LiquidEarth : LiquidEarth - Rain

Tennessee Technological University

LiquidEarth - Rain

LiquidEarth - Rain is a smart phone application that provides precipitation information visually. As a prototype demonstration, the precipitation information is based on CMORPH satellite data. The application also has a crowd sourcing feature that can be used to provide validation feedback. The user feedback is stored in a database in the LiquidEarth back end which can be used for the quality control of satellite data. LiquidEarth - Rain is a proof of concept application to demonstrate the viability of providing satellite data to end user in an easy to use manner in a dynamic environment.

  • College of Engineering, TTU
    • Strategic Planning Initiative grant - awarded to Dr. Faisal Hossain
  • Institute of Modelling and Simulation, TTU

Check out the downloads page.


LiquidEarth-Rain version 2.0 is released for Android platforms 3.0+.

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