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LiquidEarth - Back End

LiquidEarth - Back End is a modular, reconfigurable, server side software framework. It is designed to provide various products to a client application based on environment and water parameter data obtained from different sources. The Back End is application agnostic. The client application can be a web browser, mobile app or a standalone PC application. Architecturally Back End consists of three components:

  • Data generator - provides data to product generator. Conceptually the data may come from any sources, for example satellite or model run.
  • Product generator - generate product based on input parameters. The product can be a static image, video, text, transformed data files, etc.
  • Service provider - receives product request from a client application, sends input parameters to product generator, and provide requested product to the client application.

The data generator works asynchronously, the product generator and service provider may work either asynchronously or synchronously.


Check out the downloads page.


LiquidEarth-Rain version 2.0 is released for Android platforms 3.0+.

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