Tennessee Technological University


The name LiquidEarth was first coined by Dr. Doug Alsdorf of Ohio State University, one of the principal collaborators of this project. LiquidEarth is a collaborative effort between Tennessee Technological University, University of Washington, Ohio State University and NASA. The goal of the LiquidEarth project is to make data on environmental and water parameters from various sources such as satellite or simulation output accessible for ordinary users via different computing platforms including mobile devices. In the first phase, LiquidEarth project is targeting the vast amounts of streaming data from environmental satellites maintained by various agencies such as NASA, NOAA, CNES and JAXA. The potential beneficiaries of Liquid Earth are those who make decisions based on satellite data, such as researchers, city planners, health officials and farmers from both developed and developing nations. Given the vantage of satellites and the lack of ground coverage for measurement of environmental variables in developing nations, Liquid Earth embraces affordability and intuitive design for the widest possible use across all levels.


LiquidEarth-Rain version 2.0 is released for Android platforms 3.0+.

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